Hugh Maguire Family Pack


10 Chicken Fillets

98% Lean Round Steak mince (600g)

Breaded Chicken Goujons (1kg)

4 Beef Burgers (400g)

Refuel Protein pack


Tasty, nutrient-dense foods without sacrificing on quality.


5 Chicken fillets

Turkey mince 500g

4 Plain Turkey burgers

Turkey rashers 400g

4 98% lean beef burgers

Hugh's Dry Aged steak box


Dry Aged to perfection - Meaning each steak was dried and aged for a minimum of 28 days. That's an extra 28 days to ensure this steak more tender, richer and has a beefier taste.

We believe Irish, grass-fed and Dry aged steak is the "Absolute steak!"

Each steak is hand selected and hand cut by Hugh.

The Butchers Box


3 Large Fillets (600g)

2 Sirloin Steaks (250g)

Cooked Ham (300g)

Breaded Goujons (500g)

4 Beef Burgers (400g)

4 Plum Pork Chops (400g)

1lb Sausages (450g)

Dry Cured Back Rashers (300g)

Dry Cured Back Bacon (1kg)

98% Lean Round Steak Mince (600g)

The Smokin' Butcher Breakfast Box



Arguably the Best breakfast box in Europe!

This breakfast box contains our multi-award-winning Smoked Black pudding which won the "Supreme champion" of the great taste awards 2017. Our traditional breakfast sausage voted "European Supreme Breakfast Sausage Champion 2012" and our crispy Smoked Streaky rashers.


450g Sausages

300g Smoked Streaky Rashers

Smoked Black Pudding


Hugh Maguire Breakfast Box



This breakfast box contains Hugh Maguire's Traditional breakfast sausage, voted "European Breakfast Sausage Champion 2012". His Artisan handcrafted back rashers and Hugh's famous traditional Black & White pudding chubbs.


450g sausages

300g back rashers

250g black pudding

250g white pudding